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1959 BarbieRuth Handler and Matel Toys introduced Barbie in 1959 and "The Doll World" has never been the same!  The first Barbie commercial aired during  the Mickey Mouse Club. --- Watch.


Fashion Royalty:

Veronique RavenVeronique Raven one of Jason Wu's finest dolls and a special member of my collection.  She is featured here.



Veronique Raven - LE 38/100

Gene Marshall:

Gene - "Midnight Romance"Mel Odom retired his Gene Marshall dolls in 2009.  Gene debuted in 1995 and was the first story-driven, glamour, movie star series of dolls.

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Is Offered

Layaway is available for some dolls.  Please contact me here through webmail to arrange a time to discuss financing options.


Hi! I'm Wendy and these are my dolls!


I am a private collector of dolls. I began this little venture as a hobby, but quickly grew to understand the fun and adventure of finding and collecting limited and rare dolls. I eventually ran out of space and began to help others find dolls that they could collect and enjoy. As my "floor to ceiling wall unit" filled up, I have now begun to liquidate some of my private collection.

I am not a dealer with any toy/doll company of the items I sell. I have bought and sold dolls for years and helped others find rare items that the average collector might not find or price correctly.

The internet offers a vast selection from worldwide sources. My website is all about specific dolls and customers collecting in this particular niche.

Please look around my website and if you have questions about a particular doll or my company, contact me through my website.

I'm very glad you're visiting me and my dolls!




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